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As an organisation, we practice what we preach, which is why all our research projects are driven by the fundamental technology that we also create. We use our Bot based methodology to help organisations learn more about people and new product innovations, by having Ai ask the questions for Us.

1 Question Set Design

Designing questions might seem easy, but believe Us when we say there’s a real art to getting it right. Which is why our experience is crucial to your success.

2 Research Bot

Once we’ve agreed your question set, we use our proprietary conversational design tool, to develop your flows, which forms the basis of your bots training data. 

3 Future Delivered

After you’ve deployed our research bot to your audience and started collecting responses, we analyse the bots in real-time for quantitative, and qualitative results.

The Bots we deploy into groups of society, customer segments, or employee groups create a secure, anonymous, and real-time research channel.

Providing individuals and teams the freedom to learn new insights about audiences, while speeding up the time to react to problems. Our unique, hybrid research model was explicitly designed to gather insight at scale, using conversations, not surveys. We plan to extend that even further. Because machine learning (ML) is such a transformative technology that touches everything we do as a company, we use it on the results of our client surveys to help spot patterns and predict future outcomes, that traditional research methods cannot do.


Automated chat-based surveys create a contemporary form of engagement, that feels familiar, and intuitive.


Engagement with a bot encourages the audience to engage in less ‘impression management’ and give responses that are free, and untethered.


Our Ai uses a blend of qualitative (open and free) and quantitative (multiple-choice) questions to give a richer dataset. Allowing for tone and sentiment analysis.


Data is collected, and analysed in realtime, giving you an ongoing source of reporting about the engaged audience.

Case Study: Harry’s

In 2018 we used one of our research Bots to conduct a groundbreaking study on behalf of men’s grooming brand Harry’s to help support mental health awareness week.

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