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Ai Mapping

Our proprietary mapping methodology utilises the very technology we evangelise, to help create you a map of your future.

1 Research Bot In

We deploy a simple research bot into your business to ask key staff members questions about the problems and processes they manage.

2 Data Back

The real-time data collected through the bot is distilled down into a one day workshop that plays back the generated data to your staff.

3 Future Delivered

After the workshop, you take ownership of your Ai Map, and with help from Us we help you focus on which ones to deliver first.

Finding a balance between reducing costs and improving the customer experience has always been a challenge for businesses, but through Ai focused technology, that challenge has just gotten easier.

Ai is not about taking the fun out of discovery, or replacing jobs, it’s about giving people time back to do better things. We have a bespoke methodology to help find the opportunities that optimise your organisation using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA (robotic process automation) and simple techniques like NLP (natural language processing) for customer help and support.

The Problem With Futurists, Is That They Can’t Predict The Future.

Our ‘Rational Ai Method’ helps businesses to understand precisely what efficiencies can, and should be made while finding them an excellent space to deliver innovative Ai solutions.

Many external Ai consultancies are focused on the long-term future. We are more concerned with the real-term-now. Not only does our method show you the possibilities, but also where you could start, and how to get there immediately.

There are no crystal balls involved in our process, just hard facts, data, and good design-thinking.

What We Do

We offer a lot more than value for money… in the time it takes for most large consultancies to mobilise a team, we’ve already deployed a bot and found the answers.

Problems Finding

By owning the problem finding process, we make the invisible, visible. Showing you the lay of your land.

Problem Solving

From within the identified problem set, we look for opportunities, and products to automate experiences.

Imagine dropping Ai into the everyday business environment and expecting it to learn and predict better outcomes. How does it know where to start or finish? Do you want it to learn from marketing and sales or sales and service? If the process can’t be automated today, chances are pretty good you’re missing a core component necessary to make intelligent automation possible. Getting value out of Ai initiatives primarily falls into two methods: using Ai/machine learning to drive closed-loop systems (where the data, actions, and Ai are in a continuous learning loop). And analytics systems that use Ai to help learn from incoming data to surface insights, but requiring actions to be taken separately in another system.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Not so much. We’re here to help you map out your business, from a human perspective, so you can find the opportunities to introduce smart machines into the eco-system.

The End-to-End Process

Week 1 - Objectives Agreed

In week 1 we help you agree the objectives of the mapping research. We agree the question-set for the bot, and we agree the audience for the end-to-end process.

Week 2-3 - Bot Deployed

Once the questions are agreed, we train one of our bots to ask the questions, and analyse the inputs. The bot is deployed via a link to your chosen audience.

Week 4 - Results Analysed

At an agree cut-off point, the results from the bot are aggregated, mapped, and grouped into themes across our grid of opportunities and themes.

Week 5-6 - Workshop and Map

During the final 2 weeks the results of the bot are played back to your team during a workshop. We sweat the details + themes, before agreeing on priorities and next steps.

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