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Designing for Ai-based Systems

As every company gears up to offer their clients an Ai-Powered ‘thing’, it’s never been more critical for businesses to partner with people who understand the subtle nuances of designing for Ai. Throwing traditional UXers at projects that use Machine-Learning won’t be enough. What is essential is that you work with designers who understand the core concepts of data-driven design. You need a team who can unpack preconceptions about Ai and its capabilities, and align around best-practices for building and maintaining trust. Every stage in the ML lifecycle is ripe for innovation, from determining which models will be useful to use, to data collection, to annotation, to unique forms of prototyping and testing, which is why Us are the prime choice for this new world.

Ai-based systems won’t figure out what problems to solve. If you aren’t aligned with a human need, you’re just going to build a very powerful system to address a very small—or perhaps nonexistent—problem.

We Design

Enhanced Digital Experiences

Imagine the best digital product or app you’ve ever used, and then make it intelligent enough o learn and grow with you, that’s Us.

Chat and Voice

The best interface is no interface. We specialise in interactions that are more natural and fluid.

Experiences and Installations

We design innovative, immersive, data-driven experiences that bring consumers into the narrative of Ai.

Dashboards and Reports

Designing the output from data-driven products is as important as the input. We design reports, analytics and dashboard tools.

Ai is a design challenge, not a technical one.

Our ‘Rational Ai Method’ helps Us to help businesses understand precisely what jobs Ai can, and should be applied too.

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Types of Design

There are many types of Ai, and therefore many different ways of designing for it. We split our teams into discipline practices, and allow them to guide your project brief towards logical ouputs.

Service Design

Our service design team helps you plan and organise people, infrastructure, communication and the material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction.

Chat and Voice

The process of interacting with chat and voice technologies is complex. Conversations are natural and have a flow that is entertaining and inviting. We design conversations that are useful, functional, and effortless.

“By re-orienting the current Ai conversation from finding ways to make the machine smarter, to exploring ways to augment human capability, we can unlock far more enormous potential in machine learning. It can become a tool for unprecedented exploration and innovation; a tool to help us seek out patterns in ourselves and the world around us. Because we take a human-centred design approach to Ai, we have a tremendous opportunity to shape a more humanist and inclusive world, and it starts by remembering our roots: finding and addressing real human needs, upholding social values, and designing for augmentation, not automation.”

What Does A Design Sprint Look Like?


Understand the problems to be solved.


Sketch out some proposed solutions to discuss.


Work with the wider team to decide and storyboard.


Rapidly prototype the concept being proposed.


Test, learn and iterate with the audience.

“As was the case with the mobile revolution, and the web before that, Ai will cause us to rethink, restructure, displace, and consider new possibilities for virtually every experience you build. Which is why our talented team help you understand, and design for the new possibilities.”

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes enhancing the existing capabilities of your team with a managed service can create better results.

Staff Augmentation is a managed service we provide that gives you access to skilled professionals who are accountable for delivering specific project outcomes. It is a mechanism to provide help on a scalable, per project basis and makes it easier for you to focus on your business goals.

  • We work with you to match our consultants’ knowledge, skills and experience to the role and specific project requirements.

  • We set clear project objectives together, that will be delivered within a particular period.

  • We manage the onboarding (and eventually the offboarding) “hassle” by evaluating consultants’ capabilities and cultural fit.

  • We provide account management, oversight and reporting on project outcomes to avoid undelivered surprises and mitigate risks.

  • We give you the flexibility to add, subtract or ring-fence resources to match the demands of any project without the need of paying employees all year round, leading to reduced business costs.

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