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Our Core Services

We take a human-focused, not technology-driven approach. Our role is to help you idenitify the problems, opportunities, and solutions to get you started on your Ai journey.


We deploy research bots via our proprietary technology to find the problems that you need to focus on solving. 

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Our strategic mapping services use Ai to help find, then deliver the insights and roadmap you need to be able to progress.

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We’ve been developing an approach to designing for Ai that is completely unique in the marketplace.

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We don’t just drop the plan and walk away, we work with your leadership teams, and senior members of staff to deliver on the promises.

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We ask the question that matter.

Don’t ask: when will it be ready? Instead ask: is this the best way to deliver value for this release? It focusses the team’s attention, makes them think about alternatives, and invites creativity.

Delivering Our Way

There is no doubt that Agile methodologies changed the way organisations develop and release functionality in a world where the pace of change continues to accelerate.

However, even Agile methodologies are challenged by the requirements of Ai-focused systems. For one, what exactly is being “delivered” in an Ai project? You can say that the machine learning model is a deliverable, but it’s actually just an enabler of a deliverable, not providing any functionality in and of itself.

In addition, if you dig deeper into machine learning models, what exactly is in the model? The model consists of algorithmic code plus training model data (if supervised), parameter settings, configuration data, and additional support logic and code that together comprises the model, and the desired outcome.

When we work with our clients we aim to cut down the delivery time even though we spend more design time on most activities.

Smooth not quick

Telling people ‘work faster’ is bad. They stop playing as a team. They get stressed and make mistakes. They trip over each other. Instead, we coach teams to work together smoothly. It works for medical teams, Formula 1 pit crews, and our digital teams, and it works for Us.

Simplifying Ai.

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